Tired of that old sofa or chair? Modernise it and give it a face lift!

We specialise in furniture redesign & custom re upholstery for any size residential or commercial project!

A well-loved piece of furniture is like a member of the family. And when it isn’t doing so well, Nonsuch is the place you can trust to return your upholstered friend to health – restoring it and refreshing it beautifully. We believe in refreshing, rather than discarding. And in producing a result that makes you feel good for years, not just on the day it arrives. We have a wide variety of fabrics for you to choose from to give your furniture a fresh new look.

Furniture quality and sentimental value are key factors in deciding whether to invest in upholstery repairs.

It's a choice many people come to face at some point in their lifetime. That cozy chair you've spent years curling up in has lost its luster. It's dirty. The fabric ripped. But it's your favorite chair, so you don't want to get rid of it.