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Winter is not just a season but a lifestyle

Our recommendations to embrace autumn and winter without trouble:

Take all the blankets and throws out before the cold winter weather starts.
Make sure you have a good book you’ve always wanted to read.
Dust the puzzles and games off or get some new exciting ones, like Family challenge puzzles.
Buy a nice hot chocolate or coffee and spoil your family in the evenings with marshmallow and cookies.
Make tea a thing with a hot cross bun or homemade cookies / biscuits.
Try dry fruits for healthier snacks.
Stock up on home-made soup, take the slow cooker out and make sure your recipes are ready. You can now buy all vegetables and chop to make the process easy.
Fire place? Order or buy wood in advance. One of these days it will be way too much effort, when it’s cold.
Burn scented candles for atmosphere.
Plant winter vegetables in your garden – squash, beets, sweet potatoes, onions.
Fruits: Citrus, figs, papayas.