Why get sorted?

A cluttered and disorganised space can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and disempowered in your day-to-day management of life. When everything that you own has a place, this eliminates clutter and allows for a simply organised environment. Even more rewarding, you’ll discover that decluttering your life has a profound effect on your ability to look forward to spending time in your home.

 Decluttering and getting organised is a liberating process that will empower you to:

-Save time
-Save money
-Increase emotional energy
-Feel more productive
-Maximise and enjoy your home
-Obtain a sense of calm and order
-Live simply
-Enjoy your life and the people you love


As a professional organising service, we will work with you in any area of your home or home office to create an organised, peaceful environment you can enjoy. Our aim is to implement simple, effective systems that suit your lifestyle and help make your life feel less chaotic. We will teach you how to use and maintain these systems so that you are empowered to keep your space organised long after we leave.

Our services include:

Your home

-Children’s bedrooms
-Garages and sheds
-Laundry rooms
-Craft rooms
-Spare rooms
-Any cupboard – clothing, linen, pantry

Decluttering and organisation

-Purging and archiving
-Developing easy to manage filing and administrative systems
-Paper management
-Other projects
-Practical ideas to sort and store printed photographs and children’s artwork
-Suggestions for storing children’s school reports, certificates etc
-Arranging recipes
-Schedules for children and domestic staff, shopping lists and more
-Training for domestic staff
-Down-scaling homes and moving

Decluttering before the move

Unpacking and organising your possessions in your new home. We offer on-going assistance for those who feel that they are unable to maintain the systems that we have put in place. We will customise a plan that suits your needs

Nonsuch provides a caring professional organising service to help you with the practical challenges of:
-Adjusting the way your home functions to suit your current circumstances, including decluttering and organising your space.
-Simplifying your life and managing your time.
-Downsizing and moving.
-Sorting your loved one’s estate.

Home and Office Organising and Decluttering

We are xperts at de-cluttering and simplifying your life. ​We specialise in assisting you to sort your ”stuff” – to de-clutter – to get organized, and regain control over your business/home – and life. ​We visit you at your home or office (the source of the clutter), assess your needs, and then provide customised solutions for YOUR problems.

“…when we organise and simplify our lives, we move away from busyness and crisis into order and freedom. It is a satisfying way to live.” - MARCIA RAMSLAND, PROFESSIONAL ORGANISER