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Curtain Special

We are kicking off our Curtain Special this June!

Update your curtains this winter with our affordable and exclusive curtain fabrics. It works on a sliding scale as follows, but give us a call for a consultation if you need more information.


For the fabrics only the costing is as follows:

  • Fabric cost between R100 – R299 per meter you get a  25% discount
  • Fabric cost between R300 – R550 per meter you get a 20% discount
  • Fabric cost between R551 – R645 per meter you get a 15% discount
  • Fabric cost between R646 – R715 per meter you get a 10% discount
  • Fabric cost between R716 – R780 per meter you get a 5% discount

De-clutter and simplify your home.

Can’t find stuff? Feel overwhelmed with too much to do? We come out to your office or home to help you sort and organise your things, time management and just simplifying your life!

A cluttered and disorganised space can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and disempowered in your day-to-day management of life. When everything that you own has a place, this eliminates clutter and allows for a simply organised environment. Even more rewarding, you’ll discover that decluttering your life has a profound effect on your ability to look forward to spending time in your home.

Our services include:

Your home:

  • Kitchens
  • Children’s bedrooms
  • Playrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Garages and sheds
  • Laundry rooms
  • Craft rooms
  • Spare rooms
  • Any cupboard – clothing, linen, pantry
  • Office

Decluttering and organisation

  • Purging and archiving
  • Developing easy to manage filing and administrative systems
  • Paper management
  • Other projects
  • Practical ideas to sort and store printed photographs and children’s artwork
  • Suggestions for storing children’s school reports, certificates etc
  • Arranging recipes
    Schedules for children and domestic staff, shopping lists and more
  • Training for domestic staff
  • Down-scaling homes and moving
Give us a call or send a e-mail to arrange an appointment,, 012 346 3230


We will give you a step to step guide on how we can help.

Don’t forget to choose your personalised gifts from us. We have a wide selection suitable for any person or client. We use local craftsman and companies to source from, so your gift is proudly South African made.

Contact us for a quotation on,  012 346 3230
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Winter is not just a season but a lifestyle

Our recommendations to embrace autumn and winter without trouble:

Take all the blankets and throws out before the cold winter weather starts.
Make sure you have a good book you’ve always wanted to read.
Dust the puzzles and games off or get some new exciting ones, like Family challenge puzzles.
Buy a nice hot chocolate or coffee and spoil your family in the evenings with marshmallow and cookies.
Make tea a thing with a hot cross bun or homemade cookies / biscuits.
Try dry fruits for healthier snacks.
Stock up on home-made soup, take the slow cooker out and make sure your recipes are ready. You can now buy all vegetables and chop to make the process easy.
Fire place? Order or buy wood in advance. One of these days it will be way too much effort, when it’s cold.
Burn scented candles for atmosphere.
Plant winter vegetables in your garden – squash, beets, sweet potatoes, onions.
Fruits: Citrus, figs, papayas.
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January 2017

Pantone Colours 2017

We are very excited to incorporate the new 2017 pantone colours into our design. Check our Facebook page on how to incorporate these colours in your living or office space. Lots of ideas and inspiration on how these awesome colours will work in any decor.


Hannelore in Italy

Hannelore is visiting Italy for the Homi Expo in Milan. There will be brand new ideas and inspiration from the beautiful Italy!

New services

Corporate Gifting – Special gifts

Are you looking for something special for your clients or staff? We do unique gifts that will not break the bank either. Wrapping is all hand made here. Keep in touch with us on our Facebook page for lots of goodies for the perfect gift.

Spring cleaning and declutter

As a professional organizing service, we will work with you in any area of your home or home office to create an organised, peaceful environment you can enjoy. Our aim is to implement simple, effective systems that suit your lifestyle and help make your life feel less chaotic. We will teach you how to use and maintain these systems so that you are empowered to keep your space organised long after we leave.

It’s a Girl!

Its baby month at Nonsuch this February as Gaynor and Greg are expecting their first. We are so happy it’s a little girl and she will be welcomed in April. Also, lots of ideas on how to decorate your baby room.